2013 Fellows

Congratulations to our 2013 Fellows with primary affiliation in Biogeosciences: Gordon Bonan (NCAR), Natalie Mahowold (Cornell University), and Russell Monson (University of Arizona).

Bonan has been instrumental in developing CLM models, in particular to understand the significant impact of boreal forests on carbon cycling and the climate system. Mahowold, a young scientist, who has become a mover and a shaker in Biogeosciences, is known for her work on dust impacts on global biogeochemistry. Monson has been a pioneer in using trace gas emissions to study vegetation, particularly C4 plant evolution at high elevation forest systems. He has been a major player in applying atmospheric-biosphere interactions to climate change.

We also congratulate Fellows having a secondary affiliation with our section: Katherine Freeman(Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology; Pennsylvania State University); Allan Devol (Ocean Sciences; University of Washington); Lisa Levin (Ocean Sciences; Scripps Institution of Oceanography); Peter Liss(Ocean Sciences; University of East Anglia), Nancy Rabalais (Ocean Sciences; LUMCON); and Christopher Sabine (Ocean Sciences; PEML).