AGU B February 2016 Newsletter

Dear Biogeosciences members,

Six weeks after AGU Fall Meeting is over, we are all back to work at our universities, jobs, and research with the “fire hose” that is Fall Meeting almost a distant memory. This past Fall Meeting, we met with over 300 members personally at the section luncheon and the evening social. We gave those of you who attended the opportunity to provide us with feedback by putting your ideas down on “sticky notes” handed out during the events. The returns were impressive and gave us a better idea of what we need to be paying attention to and working on between now and when we meet again for the 2016 Fall Meeting.

Here, we highlight the ideas that emerged related to the upcoming AGU Centennial, which will be held in 2019. In a future newsletter, we will summarize your opinions and suggestions for increasing engagement in the Biogeosciences section throughout the year, as well as during the meeting.

Below, you can also find information on AGU and section awards and fellowships. The call for nominations is now open, and we hope to see many of our deserving colleagues being recognized!

We invite you to continue to provide input on how the Executive Council can work throughout the year to make the AGU Biogeosciences section important for you. Send us an email any time!

AGU Centennial Celebration

The AGU Centennial celebration is approaching in 2019. The Centennial Task Force has completed a visioning document for the principles and objectives that will guide program development for the AGU Centennial; these principles and objectives have been approved by the Board. During the Biogeosciences section business meeting and evening reception held at the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting, we requested that members put forward some of their ideas for what the Biogeosciences section could contribute to the Centennial celebrations. Jasmine Crumsey and Melanie Harrison Okoro, early career scientists on the Biogeosciences Executive Committee and the AGU Council, collated the responses.

Many of the responses indicated that members were interested in documenting the history of biogeosciences in AGU through special oral and poster sessions. These sessions would chronicle the history of scientific advancement over the past 100 years. We would also add speakers and sessions that would discuss where we are at the present time and where we’d like to go in the future. These sessions would comprise keynote talks, including past president, early career, and student perspectives.

More informal sessions could be planned with open mike and/or panel discussions. Here, we could tell fun stories about key developments in our field. An open discussion for the greatest challenges we will face in the next 100 years was proposed.

Outside of regular Fall Meeting activities, our section could produce video and recorded interviews of scientists across career stages and highlight, through special publications, the 100 years of biogeosciences. AGU is thinking about trying StoryCorps videography and recording the history of biogeosciences for National Public Radio, with Jasmine Crumsey playing a key role in this effort. A visual timeline and a slide show for the growth and development of biogeosciences could be displayed at AGU headquarters along with video interviews of some of the founders of different subfields of biogeoscience.

Additional Ideas: The U.S. Postal Service takes suggestions for images on stamps. Members could create a biogeosciences/AGU image as part of a larger AGU initiative. We could create a series of podcasts from some of the speakers and participants involved and make them available to the public. We could create and issue a set of biogeoscience postcards for 2019 Fall Meeting. Regular spotlights in our newsletters and on our website could highlight early career scientists doing cool work.

With respect to publications, members suggested a retrospective on the development of methods over time. Special issues of Global Biogeochemical Cycles or JGR Biogeosciences could summarize the progress made over 100 years in paradigms and the understanding of key processes. We could acknowledge the 100 best AGU papers or benchmarks papers in JGR Biogeosciences —particularly those published before we were an official AGU section.

These are fascinating ideas, and to accomplish any of them we need your help! We are looking for advisers and oral historians of Biogeosciences section history, in addition to midcareer and early career AGU biogeoscientists who are looking to make the AGU Centennial an outstanding event. Dork Sahagian has volunteered to help us start this effort.

Finally, there may be other excellent ideas out there, especially from those who were unable to attend the section luncheon or evening social. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas.

Now Accepting Nominations for AGU Recognition

The submission site for nominations for AGU recognition is now open. Nominate your colleagues or ask your colleagues to nominate you for one of the many AGU and section awards:

At the AGU Union level:
AGU Fellows
Union Awards, Medals, and Prizes
DEADLINE: 15 March 2016

At the Biogeosciences section level:
The Sulzman Award for Excellence in Education and Mentoring is given annually to one midcareer female scientist (no more than 15 years postdegree) for significant contributions as a role model and mentor for the next generation of biogeoscientists. DEADLINE: 15 April 2016

In 2016, the Biogeosciences section will be sponsoring the Carl Sagan Lecture. The Sagan Lecture is invitation only—nominations are not accepted, but recommendations are welcomed by section leadership.

Here are some useful tips for writing standout nominations and some myths and facts about the nomination process.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Fall Meeting Outstanding Student Presentation Award winners

Thank you for volunteering your time to judge the OSPA awards and thanks to Sue Natali for coordinating the judging process during Fall Meeting. The following OSPA winners will receive $150 Springer vouchers, in addition to a free ticket to the Biogeosciences section luncheon at the 2016 Fall Meeting:
Kristofer Covey, Yale University
Amanda D’Elia, University of California, Davis
Loïc Dutrieux, Wageningen University
Maria de los Angeles Gallego, University of Hawai’i at Manoa
Anne Griebel, University of Melbourne
Matthew Hiatt, University of Texas at Austin
Tyler Hoecker, University of Montana
Eugenie Paul-Limoges, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Victoria Scholl, Rochester Institute of Technology
Bingjie Shie, University of Waterloo

Biogeosciences was also well represented among the AGU 2015 Virtual poster showcase winners:
Kaitlin Frei, University of Notre Dame
Yu-Chen Ling, University of Melbourne
Hitomi Okada, Colorado State University
Ariel Prezner, University of California, Los Angeles
Elliot Vaughan, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Congratulations to all!

Abstracts Open for Virtual Poster Showcase for Undergraduates

The spring Virtual Poster Showcase (VPS) is now open. This showcase is for undergraduates only and abstracts are due 3 March. If you have any students from your 2015 projects who you think might be interested in participating, please ask them to register and submit an abstract online.

VPS provides an easy-to-use online interface that will take your students through the critical research experiences of:
• Writing and submitting an abstract
• Preparing a poster and accompanying video presentation
• Evaluating the work of peers
• Receiving and responding to feedback on their poster
This showcase is sponsored by the American Geophysical Union (AGU), Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), Geological Society of America (GSA), American Geosciences Institute (AGI), and American Meteorological Society (AMS).

And finally, we’d like to call your attention to an opinion piece in Eos coauthored by our secretary Erika Marin-Spiotta on positive steps AGU can take to reduce the problem of sexual harassment in the sciences, following up on a special town hall session at Fall Meeting, which included the participation of our past section president and current AGU President-elect, Eric Davidson, and other AGU leadership.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Marilyn Fogel,
AGU Section President, Biogeosciences

Ariel Anbar,
AGU Section President-elect, Biogeosciences