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  • New collaboration with the Ecological Society of America

    Posted 06/03/15

    The Ecological Society of America is happy to offer AGU members, who are not ESA members, registration to the 100th Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD, August 9 – 14, 2015 at the ESA member rate.  If you are interested in registering for our meeting please either contact ESA or and we will assist […]

  • 2014 Sulzman Awardee: Dr. Claudia Benitez-Nelson

    Posted 03/13/15

    Congratulations to Dr. Claudia Benitez-Nelson who was awarded the Sulzman Award for Excellence in Education and Mentoring in 2014. Dr. Benitez-Nelson is a faculty member of the Marine Science Program and the Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences at University of South Carolina. The Sulzman Award for Excellence in Education and Mentoring is given annually to one mid-career […]

  • AGU B Spring 2015 Newsletter


    AGU Biogeosciences Newsletter Greetings from President Marilyn Fogel, Secretary Erika Marin-Spiotta, and President-Elect Ariel Anbar.   Award Nominations It’s time to nominate your peers, students, mentors and heroes! AGU Union Honors: Union Awards, Prizes, Fellows, and Medals: Deadline 15 March 2015. It’s never too early to start preparing next year’s nominations! AGU’s Honors Program is […]

  • 6th Annual Summer Soil Institute at Colorado State University

    Posted 02/04/15

    Announcing the 6th Annual Summer Soil Institute at Colorado State University Are you interested in Soil Ecology and Biogeochemistry? The 6th Annual Summer Soil Institute is your opportunity to gain an integrated perspective with world-renowned faculty to address critical questions using current analytical techniques, experimental approaches, and instructional models. The 6th Annual Summer Soil Institute (SSI 2015) […]

  • Soil Systems and Critical Zone Processes Technical Committee

    Posted 01/06/15

    The Soil Systems and Critical Zone Processes Technical Committee is co-chaired by representatives from AGU-Biogeosciences (Kate Lajtha) and AGU-Hydrology (Harry Verecken, incoming). About: Soil as a biogeochemical-hydrological compartment of the biosphere and as a scientific discipline is gaining prominence in the context of some of the most pressing global challenges facing society ranging from climate […]

  • Executive Comm. Meeting Minutes 12/16/14


    The meeting minutes of the AGU Biogeosciences Executive Committee Meeting on December 16, 2014 at AGU Fall Meeting are now posted here.

  • AGU Biogeosciences Final By-Laws

    Posted 01/05/15

    The Biogeosciences Executive Committee approved the by-laws on December 16, 2014. You can read the final version here: Final_Bylaws

  • ABU-Biogeosciences By-laws

    Posted 11/20/14

    The B section has new draft Bylaws!! OK, so maybe that isn’t so exciting, but it is important, and they are available for viewing here. Leadership values your input and comments. Please direct comments to Eric Davidson, Marilyn Fogel, or Durelle Scott. Draft By-laws

  • AGU Early Career Event: Data storage & Archiving

    Posted 11/11/14

    The iSamplES RCN seeks to advance the use of innovative cyberinfrastructure to connect physical samples and sample collections across the Earth Sciences with digital data infrastructures to revolutionize their utility for science. The ultimate goal of this RCN is to dramatically improve the discovery, access, sharing, analysis, and curation of physical samples and the data generated by their […]

  • Fall abstract submission competition

    Posted 07/18/14

    We’ll all be glad when the season for email solicitations of AGU abstract submissions is past, but here is an usual one that we hope you’ll read.  AGU is offering a $1,000 credit to the Section or Focus Group that receives the highest percentage of abstracts submitted to their sessions by 30 July.  The $1,000 […]

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