Fall abstract submission competition

We’ll all be glad when the season for email solicitations of AGU abstract submissions is past, but here is an usual one that we hope you’ll read.  AGU is offering a $1,000 credit to the Section or Focus Group that receives the highest percentage of abstracts submitted to their sessions by 30 July.  The $1,000 credit may be used to enhance the catering at our Fall Meeting social event on Tuesday (read: more beer and food!!).  Now, let’s remember that the primary reason to submit an abstract is to communicate your science, but that needn’t be incompatible with support for something to help wash it down. Please encourage your colleagues and peers to submit their abstracts.  Here is the site:



Note that the deadline for submissions to qualify for this competition is July 30.  You can still submit abstracts until August 6, but early birds will help us get the suds.

Please also check on the status of your AGU membership by the end of July, for two reasons: you have to be a member in good standing as of August 1st to (1) submit an abstract; and (2) vote for the slate of AGU and section candidates in the upcoming election.  The B section has a great slate of candidates for our own leadership, plus several standing for AGU leadership positions (see http://elections.agu.org/).

You can check on your membership status here so that you can be sure to be eligible to vote: