Soil Systems and Critical Zone Processes Technical Committee

The Soil Systems and Critical Zone Processes Technical Committee is co-chaired by representatives from AGU-Biogeosciences (Kate Lajtha) and AGU-Hydrology (Harry Verecken, incoming).

About: Soil as a biogeochemical-hydrological compartment of the biosphere and as a scientific discipline is gaining prominence in the context of some of the most pressing global challenges facing society ranging from climate change to food security and from energy and water resources to understanding of ecosystem functioning. The soil science community seeks to expand core activities beyond traditional links with agriculture. In particular, we endeavor to strengthen ties with scientific and engineering disciplines including ecology, meteorology, biogeosciences, geochemistry, hydrology and atmospheric sciences. In addition to enhanced relevance and impact, these interdisciplinary interactions are mandated by the nature of the scientific challenges such as water quality and quantity, carbon cycling, and nutrient availability. Such ties are needed to better address the interests and professional preparation of current and future students; and are essential for maintenance of a vibrant soil science discipline.


The minutes from the meeting held on December 15, 2014 at AGU Fall Meeting are posted here.

The list of Committee Members is here: Joint technical Committee Soils.