Matching Donation Challenge for Sulzman Award

In order to fully fund the Sulzman Award so that it can meet AGU’s $25k threshold for an endowed award, we need to raise an additional $10,000. The current and past presidents of the B-section have issued a challenge to the membership. This group will match your donations, up to $5,000.  Therefore, if the membership donations total $5k, the leadership’s matching pledge will bring the total up to our goal, and the award will be guaranteed to continue in perpetuity. There are many ways to make your gifts, including on line via the AGU website:

·         Under the drop-down menu labeled “Special Initiatives,” select “Elizabeth Sulzman Award”

·         Of course we also value and need general section operation funds, which can be donated to “Biogeosciences” under the “Sections” drop-down menu option.